A 36 Hour Beginner CTF

To address the gap in skillset and participation in cybersecurity CTFs, NICC set out to create a beginner level CTF.

Originally this event was scheduled to take place in February as "Heartbreaker CTF". However, to better tie in with the University's goals, NICC agreed to significantly decrease the difficulty and move the event closer to JerseyCTF. 


This event had a total of 36 challenges created for it.  The challenge creation was split amongst the Executive Board of NICC. We met weekly to coordinate and delegate tasks. While each member was supposed to contribute equal amounts, other responsibilities between JerseyCTF, school, and board duties forced members to refocus their efforts accordingly.  I ended up contributing 13 challenges that tested competitors on their knowledge of cryptography, digital forensics, OSINT, steganography, and more